Our Queen’s Journey

Our Queen’s Journey

Embracing Digital Elegance

In the mesmerizing world of beauty pageants, where dreams take flight and aspirations soar high, the KM Universe DMCC has embarked on a revolutionary journey, unlike any other. With a captivating blend of tradition and innovation, our beauty pageant redefines the contest experience by delving into the realm of the digital Metaverse. As the excitement builds, we are thrilled to have already scanned around 200 profiles, witnessing the enthusiasm of numerous influencers, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and Instagram models eager to join us. With 25% of our spaces filled, we are still on the lookout for contestants willing to embrace this extraordinary adventure.

The Path to Glamour Begins – Applying on Our Website

At the heart of our contestant journey lies our website, the gateway to the world of beauty, elegance, and digital prowess. Aspiring contestants take the first step by applying on our website, showcasing their unique beauty, talents, and dreams. The interest and response we have received thus far have left us exhilarated, knowing that this contest is igniting a spark of excitement among talented individuals from all walks of life.

A Personal Connection – Google Meets Screening Q&A

To ensure that our contest aligns with the expectations and aspirations of each participant, we engage in a personalized Google Meets call for a screening Q&A session. This personalized interaction allows us to understand the contestants on a deeper level, creating a connection that goes beyond just the surface. We believe in finding the perfect fit for our beauty pageant, where each contestant’s journey will be both fulfilling and rewarding.

Unleashing Digital Savvy – Social Media Challenges

In the digital era, being adept in the realm of social media is paramount. As part of our contestant journey, we request participants to undertake various social media challenges, where creativity, authenticity, and digital savviness come to the forefront. This process allows us to witness the contestants’ flair for engaging their audiences, embracing the power of social media to its fullest potential.

The Digital Odyssey – Contract to Participate

For a beauty pageant where digital elegance reigns supreme, ensuring that contestants are well-versed in navigating the digital world is of utmost importance. Once the social media challenges are successfully completed, we send the selected participants the prestigious contract to officially participate in our contest. This contract serves as a testament to their digital prowess and readiness to embark on an unforgettable digital odyssey.


Training in the Metaverse – A Digital Wonderland Awaits

As the contest takes flight, we delve into the enchanting world of our Metaverse, where the digital wonderland awaits. Over a span of six weeks, our contestants undergo comprehensive training, connecting, attending workshops, and embracing social media challenges with dedication and zeal. The Metaverse becomes their canvas to explore, learn, and grow, as they immerse themselves in this innovative dimension of elegance.

A Journey of Triumphs and Transformations – The Weekly Challenge

In our quest to find the true gems, the journey takes an intriguing turn with weekly dismissals. As each Friday approaches, anticipation runs high, and we notify the contestants about the results. The contestants’ followers become an integral part of their journey, as they call upon their audiences to tune in, witness their workshops, follow, like, and share this exhilarating digital expedition.

The Ultimate Quest for Glory – The Grand Finale in Dubai

In a grand spectacle of beauty, grace, and elegance, the ultimate quest for glory reaches its zenith. Of the 18 contestants who emerge as finalists, only three will be crowned as winners, basking in the admiration of a global audience. However, there can only be one true KM Universe Queen, the epitome of grace and charm, bestowed with a year of sponsorship and countless opportunities in the industry.


The contestant journey at KM Universe DMCC epitomizes the convergence of tradition and digital innovation, inviting the world to witness the splendor of the Metaverse. As the anticipation builds, we await with bated breath to welcome our contestants, mentors, and audience on this extraordinary odyssey. In a world where digital elegance reigns supreme, we invite you to embrace this enchanting journey that unites beauty, grace, and technology like never before.

As the journey unfolds, we will celebrate triumphs, transformations, and timeless moments of elegance. Let the digital realm bear witness to the dreams that take flight, as our KM Universe Queen emerges from the enchanting pages of this beauty pageant, ready to shine bright and inspire generations to come.


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